Season 1 is the first season of the Stories From Sodor series.


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US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
EmilytotheRescueTitleCardEmily to the RescueJacobacranmer14th October 2015#01
Emily, along with old friends Brady and Olivia, journey to the Other Railway to save another old friend from being scrapped.
Memories, Sweet Sweet Memories
Jacobacranmer17th May 2016#02
The engines reminisce over memorable moments that have occured on Sodor.
BradySaving BenjaminJacobacranmerTBA#03
Emily, Brady, Olivia, and Kylie journey to the Other Railway to save Brady's twin, Benjamin.
RosieSeason1Rosie, Jacob, Sierra, and the Troublesome TrucksJacobacranmerTBA#04
A train of Troublesome Trucks causes trouble for Jacob, Sierra, and Rosie.
BackinService1Back In ServiceJacobacranmer15th June 2015#05
Jacob and Sierra help to have Glynn mended and put back in service.
DockyardTales17Dockyard TalesJacobacranmer2nd July 2015#06
One night during a storm, some of the engines, who are stuck at Brendam Docks, reminisce about a few memorable Sodor moments.
Homesick1HomesickJacobacranmer19th June 2015#07
Jacob and Sierra feel homesick.
ChildhoodMemories1Childhood MemoriesJacobacranmer1st July 2015#08
Jacob and Sierra tell the Knapford Sheds engines about their childhood.
SFSLogoThe Best Start to SummerJacobacranmerTBA#09
Jacob and Sierra got to America to pick up Rylie and bring her to Sodor for the summer.
JacobandRylie'sBlueMountainAdventure10Jacob and Rylie's Blue Mountain AdventureJacobacranmer25th June 2015#10
Jacob and Rylie work at the Blue Mountain Quarry.

  1. Jacob and Rylie's Blue Mountain Adventure
  2. Cassie's Birthday Surprise
  3. A Surprise for Jacob
  4. A Birthday Surprise for Caroline
  5. Sir Handel and the Baking Soda
  6. Toby and the Subway Car
  7. Earls and Passengers
  8. Trouble for Diesel 10
  9. Jacob and the Famous Visitor
  10. Smudger Returns
  11. Donald, Douglas, and the Trouble With Leaves
  12. Gordon and the Railway Choice Awards
  13. No Hamburgers for Duck
  14. Emily's Arianating Experience
  15. Paxton and the New Diesel
  16. Murdoch's Money Madness
  17. Harvey and the Railway Inspectors
  18. Butch Proves a Point

Cancelled Episodes

Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
BradyHome, Sweet HomeJacobacranmern/an/a
New sheds are built for all of the Knapford Sheds Engines.
SFSLogoJacob's Unlucky DayJacobacranmern/an/a
Jacob has a bad day.
GordonSeason1Gordon and the Famous SingerJacobacranmern/an/a
Gordon is asked to take a famous singer to a concert.
TheNewBridge1The New BridgeJacobacranmern/an/a
A new bridge is built on Sodor, but it is very unstable.


  • Kevin (does not speak)
  • Trevor (mentioned; seen in flashback)
  • Harold (mentioned; seen in flashback)
  • Bertie (seen in flashback)