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"They surely aren't responsible enough to take care of a railway as big as this one."
"I hate to admit it but, Marie’s right. This railway should not be left in the hand of two incompetent and irresponsible children.
— Marie and Rose about Jacob and Sierra, The Substitute Controller, ninth season

Marie is the North Western Railway's number 35 yellow tender engine.


Marie first came to Sodor in the second season, along with Rose, Dawn, and Levi. She quickly went to search for her brother, Murdoch.

She later told the other Knapford Sheds Engines about her past.

In the fourth season, Marie got into some trouble when she was pulling a freight train and sped down a rusty old branch line.

She later demanded Jackie shunt her coaches, claiming that tender engines don't shunt.

In the ninth season episode, The Substitute Controller, Marie thought Mr. Hatt leaving Jacob and Sierra in charge was a bad idea. Later in that episode, she had an accident at the bottom of Gordon's Hill.

Later, on May Day, Marie thought being decorated wasn't dignified for an engine like her. She later got her comeuppance, however when she was crossing the Three Tier Bridge and a banner wrapped around her smokebox.


Marie, much like her good friend Gordon has a tendency to be pompous, self-righteous, and prideful.

However, she is also very sweet and good-hearted, and is always willing to help a friend in need.


Marie is based on a BR Standard Class 9F, which were used for fast and heavy goods trains. The class was the last of the BR Standards and the final steam engine class built by British Railways, with the last one, "Evening Star", built in March 1960. Due to the size and shape of the class, they where given the nickname "Spaceships." "Evening Star" and eight other 9Fs are preserved. One 9F, "Black Prince" holds the record for hauling the heaviest steam-hauled train in Great Britain, at 2,198 tons. "Evening Star" is also part of the National Collection.


Marie is painted yellow with red lining and has the number 35 on her tender sides in red.