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Brady and the Famous Visitor is the twenty-ninth episode of the second season.


One autumn day, Sir Topham Hatt called some of his engines to Tidmouth Sheds.

"Engines, City of Truro will be visiting the Island again this afternoon," he said.

"Who's City of Truro?" Brady whispered to Jacob.

"City of Truro is an engine from the Great Western. He was the first steam engine to reach a speed of 100 miles per hour," Jacob replied.

"And the last time he visited, Gordon tried to go as fast as him, but his dome flew on into a river," Duck added.

Brady and Jacob laughed.

"Shh, Sir Topham Hatt wasn't finished," Sierra scolded.

"I expect you all to be on your best behaviors today," Sir Topham Hatt finished.

All the engines tooted their whistles, rang their bells and honked their horns with joy.

[Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Bill, and Ben's whistles can be heard. Diesel, BoCo, Mavis, Daisy, Sidney, Paxton, Diesel 10, Derek, and Salty's horns can be heard. Toby, Flora, and Belle's bells can be heard.]

That afternoon, City of Truro arrived and when to his welcome party at Tidmouth Sheds. he spun slowly arround on the turntable greeting everyone.

"Hello again, old friend!" Duck said happily.

"Hello, Montague," City of Truro replied.

Just then, Gordon arrived after taking the express.

"Hello Gordon! Still the fastest engine on the Island, I see," City of Truro said.

"Indeed, old friend," Gordon replied.




  • This episode is an adaptation of the season 3 episode Gordon and the Famous Visitor .
  • Salty and Derek were originally to not appear in this episode but were later added for unknown reasons.

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